Review of the BMW Transcontinental

Xperi Holding Corporation has just achieved the number one position in the industry by having its digital infotainment product 'HD Radio' housed in a motorcycle and, of course, BMW has snatched the title from its new 2022 BMW Transcontinental, a motorcycle that already surpasses Boundaries are developing for a category (air-cooled heavy cruiser market) dominated by Harley-Davidson and Indian.

Side view of the new 2022 BMW Transcontinental
2022 BMW Transcontinental

To be clear, this is not just any radio. Unlike the infotainment system found in indio y Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, HD Radio broadcasts a signal on traditional frequencies, providing passengers with clear, static-free sound and relevant on-screen information such as multimedia artwork, album logos, song names, all in addition to generic traffic and emergency alerts that They make rush hours urban. easier to navigate trips.

Side view of the infotainment system of the new 2022 BMW Transcontinental

“We are proud that the R 18 Transcontinental is the first motorcycle to offer HD Radio technology. “It's an extraordinary bike and we're thrilled to be a part of its high-end infotainment offering,” said Jeff Jury, Xperi senior vice president and general manager of Connected Cars.

the infotainment screen in the new 2022 BMW Transcontinental

“BMW Motorrad remains ahead of the innovation curve when it comes to customer experience and ensures motorcycle owners get the listening experience they want.”

A view of a couple of passengers cruising in the new 2022 BMW Transcontinental

GuruFocus He also mentions the fact that HD Radio has been very successful in the four-wheel industry; Since 2005, over 85 billion listening hours have been recorded, with an impressive 79% of radio broadcasts using HD Radio frequencies for tuning.

Front view of the new 2022 BMW Transcontinental.

In addition to HD Radio, the 2022 BMW Transcontinental will also feature other benefits from a program that offers the world the largest and deepest archive of streaming and music metadata, all tailored to the tastes of the rider via IP address.

the new BMW Transcontinental 2022, piloted by two drivers

Stay tuned for updates; however, be sure to check new technology for motorcycles from our collection.

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