Motorcycles for girls

Motorcycles for women

Motorcycles for girls: Empowering the world of two wheels

Women's motorcycles have ceased to be a rarity and have become a growing phenomenon in the motorcycle industry. More and more women are breaking barriers and gender stereotypes by venturing into the world of two wheels.

For economy, practicality and to save time traveling, more and more women are encouraged to purchase a motorcycle. The balance between cost and benefit, in addition to the variety of models that exist on the market, has led them to be tempted by these vehicles.

Motorcycle manufacturers have taken note of this trend and are offering a wide range of models designed specifically to meet the needs and preferences of female riders and their small bikes.

Motorcycles for girls come in various styles and sizes, from agile scooters and comfortable cruisers to high-performance sports cars. A women's motorcycle not only offers an exciting means of transportation, but also becomes an expression of freedom and empowerment for many female riders around the world.

There is a growing interest among women in two-wheeled vehicles, leaving behind the stereotypes that indicated that this means of transport was more “masculine” and thus prioritizing the mobility, work or recreation of the female public.

The practicality that “riding a motorcycle” represents has no gender, and the dissemination of its advantages, as well as the wide variety of types and models available on the market, has made it much more common to find women on motorcycles, both in the cities, as on roads.

One is not manufactured women's motorcycle as such, but there are some that can serve you a lot.

Some models, in the biker world. are considered as women's motorcycles (without any basis). And we are not just referring to a scooter for girlsnot even small motorcycles for women, but larger motorcycles, like the Harley Sportster.

motorcycle for girls

More women in motorcycles

Although more and more women have decided to get on this means of transportation, it is still a field dominated mostly by men.

Although women have adapted and successfully ventured into disciplines such as big trail, moto-speed or enduro, in the market in general there are still no women's motorcycles 100% designed for them, but rather models without gender distinctions.

That is why it is important to be able to identify some of the motorcycles most used by the female public, since in many cases due to the height or weight of the motorcycle, some models may be better than others in that sense.

Choosing one of the right women's motorcycles is a task that can be difficult.

What should the best motorcycles for women have?

Choosing an ideal motorcycle for a woman can vary depending on her personal preferences, riding skills, women's motorcycle models, and specific needs. However, here are some things to consider when looking for a suitable motorcycle for a woman, among all the types of motorcycles for women:

  • Size and weight: Women tend to have a lower average height and physical strength than men, so a lighter and more manageable motorcycle can be more comfortable and easier to handle. Pay close attention to the weight and height of the motorcycle you like.
  • seat height: Seat height is especially important for women with shorter legs. Opt for a bike with a low or adjustable seat height so you can place both feet on the ground with ease.
  • Ergonomí­a: Pay attention to the ergonomics of the motorcycle. Find a riding position that is comfortable and works well for your posture and size.
  • Power and displacement: The power and displacement of the motorcycle will depend on your riding skills and preferences. If you are a novice rider, it is advisable to start with a motorcycle with lower power and displacement, since they are easier to handle and control.
  • Style and design: The look and design of the motorcycle are also important to many people. Choose a motorcycle that you like visually and that fits your personal style.

That is why they generally discard robust, heavy or too tall motorcycles, and choose more those that allow them to put their feet on the ground safely.

Taking into account these biological characteristics, in addition to the wide range of segments, designs and colors offered for female motorcyclists, we bring you a list of girls' motorcycles that you will surely want to use for the first time or change the one you already have.

Motorcycle for short women

For shorter women, choosing the right motorcycle is crucial to ensure comfortable and safe riding. Short 125cc girls' bikes are especially popular due to their more manageable size and weight. However, there are experienced women who ride large motorcycles. Nothing prevents them from doing it.

A low motorcycle for women allows those of short stature to reach the ground easily with their feet. This increases confidence and stability when stopping or parking.

Small motorcycles for adults have become increasingly accessible on the market, with options ranging from scooters to sport bikes and cruisers. A motorcycle for short women does not have to be small, since experienced girls will not find any problem riding one of the big ones.

Motorcycles for girls with only 125cc

The 125 motorcycles for short women are an excellent option for women who are starting out in the world of two wheels. These motorcycles offer a perfect balance between power and ease of handling, making them ideal for beginners.

Additionally, their compact size and light weight make them a popular choice for female riders looking for comfort and agility in the city and urban roads. They are ideal as a motorcycle for small women.

Honda CB 125F

One of the alternatives found among low-displacement sports motorcycles, ideal for women who prefer a more robust design than a scooter. This has fins that improve aerodynamics and help maneuverability on different types of terrain. Its angled saddle allows for a more comfortable experience.

short sport bikes


  • 124.7 cc, 4-stroke, OHC air-cooled, VCA valve engine.
  • Maximum power of 8.41 horsepower at 7,500 revolutions per minute.
  • Front disc brake and rear drum brake 130 mm.
  • Telescopic fork front suspension and swing arm rear suspension.
  • Mechanical transmission, electric and pedal start, and Euro III certification.
  • Dimensions: 203.7 cm long, 77.2 cm wide and 107 cm high.
  • 117 kilograms of weight and 18-inch wheels with I had less type tires.
  • Cost: €2,900 2024 model, price subject to updates.

Women's sports bikes

For women looking for excitement and a sportier riding style, sport bikes are the perfect choice. These motorcycles offer an aerodynamic design, powerful engines and a forward-leaning riding position that allows for greater acceleration and performance on roads and circuits.

BMW G650

BMW's lightest motorcycle offers a unique experience

Motorcycles for girls
  • Weight: 192 kg
  • Displacement: 650 cc
  • Power: 48 CV
  • Approximate price: 7500 euros
  • Ideal for: women who want a powerful and light motorcycle

When we stand in front of the BMW G650, the power is evident in all its details. It is a model that has a fairly tight weight of 192 kg, so it costs nothing to move it.

Of course, its interior hides a 650 cc single-cylinder engine that produces no less than 48 HP.

What this means is that the sporty driving experience is assured on any route taken.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

An ideal model to get started in the world of sports motorcycles

Motorcycles for girls
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Displacement: 290 cc
  • Power: 39 CV
  • Approximate price: 6000 euros
  • Ideal for: become the first sports motorcycle

The shape of the Ninja 300 is one of those that does not go unnoticed. It is a purely sports motorcycle with an aesthetic aggressive and that is capable of reaching high speeds thanks to its under weight.

Of course, due to design and consumption it is not the best model for the city, although the Kawasaki Ninja 300 does not fail here because it is designed for the female drivers who want to hit the road and enjoy the speed.

It is one of the high-performance sports bikes for women known for its agility and speed.

Ducati Monster 696

Powerful and sporty but highly manageable

short sport bikes
  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Displacement: 700 cc
  • Power: 80 CV
  • Approximate price: 7500 euros
  • Ideal for: female drivers who want the most powerful sports experience

See the intense red color of Ducati on the Monster 696 draws attention anywhere. This is an ideal sports motorcycle for women because it is light and manageable with the 160 kg that it weighs dry.

But it's also a motorcycle enormously potent with those 80 HP that are contained in its engine. To drive it safely, you need experience on two wheels. Yes, it is tremendously fun on the highway.

large motorcycles for women

Yamaha Tracer 7 GT

Powerful and very equipped to travel non-stop

large motorcycles for women
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Displacement: 700 cc
  • Power: 72 CV
  • Approximate price: 10.000 euros
  • Ideal for: long road trips

The Tracer 7 GT has a combination of features that I think are ideal for a large women's motorcycle. On the one hand, it is a GT model with the best Yamaha equipmentwhich ensures high comfort on all types of routes.

On the other hand, its 210 kg, although they seem like a lot, are not for GT models. This has to be highly valued, since, in addition to making it consume less, it allows a great ease to move the motorcycle.

Honda NT1100

A definitive GT to enjoy the road

Motorcycles for girls
  • Weight: 238 kg
  • Displacement: 1000 cc
  • Power: 100 CV
  • Approximate price: 15.000 euros
  • Ideal for: drivers who want to take long trips

The Honda NT1100 is a great motorcycle to enjoy the road for hours. Is comfortableit is tremendously powerful with its 100 HP and is not at all too big for the features it has, which makes it possible handle all types of people well.

It is certainly not a cheap model, but it is currently at the highest point in the GT sector since it came on the market in 2022.

Honda Rebel CMX1100

A very classic Custom model loaded with power

Motorcycles for girls
  • Weight: 223 kg
  • Displacement: 1100 cc
  • Power: 85 CV
  • Approximate price: 10.000 euros
  • Ideal for: drivers who love Custom aesthetics

Being able to fully enjoy those motorcycles Custom aesthetics that have always dominated the road is very easy with the Honda Rebel CMX1100. Its most recent version is 2021, so it is fully updated.

If you are looking for and want to take advantage of all the features of custom motorcycles, this model is a magnificent option because it is powerful and by do not shoot too much weightsince it remains at 223 kg.

Scooters for women

Piaggio Liberty S125

A Piaggio model that is easy to drive and really beautiful

motorcycle 125 short girl
  • Weight: 124 kg
  • Displacement: 125
  • Power: 10 CV
  • Approximate price: 2700 euros
  • Ideal for: those looking for great design

Piaggio has achieved several things with this model. On the one hand, create a simple urban scooter y reliable which, in addition, adjusts by measurements to the needs of any short woman.

To this you have to add your aestheticsand this is where the brand has done the rest.

The Liberty 125S has a design with a vintage hat and with a range of colors that allow great customization.

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